DeKalb County Watersheds, DeKalb County Illinois
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Water Quality Sampling

This map identifies all sites currently being monitored in both watersheds. Use the table below to identify in which watershed the sites lie. Clicking on the link will access water quality data at that location. Please refer to the previous page for information about acceptable water quality standards.

East Branch Watershed xxxxx Upper South Branch Watershed
ID Code Site ID ID Code Site ID
G Grove BB Broken Bridge at Rt. 64
M Motel Road WWTP Kishwaukee Waste Water Treatment Plant
I Heron Creek NIU NIU Campus
U1 Union Ditch 1 L Lagoon
U2 Union Ditch 2 RH River Heights Golf Course
U3 Union Ditch 3 S1 South First Street, DeKalb
V1 Virgil Ditch 1 W Western
V2 Virgil Ditch 2 SW1 Southwest 1
V3 Virgil Ditch 3 SW2 Southwest 2

If you are interested in the water quality data collected at each of these sites, enter the ID code below. Your results for that site should be presented in chronological order. Values may change based on weather conditions as well as land use changes.

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